Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – the Adventure Continues

Last Sunday, our motley band of heroes got together to continue their adventures in Varisia. This is what happened (WARNING: spoilers for Rise of the Runelords and long not-so-great storytelling follow the cat photo): Rimeskull Our adventurers entered the rocky, snow-covered circle hoping to figure out how to disable the fabled stone heads that would…

October Painting Challenge – Results

So let me start by saying that I got completely distracted by a different project and so abandoned my October challenge almost entirely. So yeah, not so good. I did end up completing all of the Pathfinder miniatures I was working on, but I only got about a third of the Arcadia Quest ones painted….

October Painting Challenge Update – Pathfinder Miniatures

So we’re literally halfway through the month & my painting progress has been SLOW. Primarily due to illness but also due to some non-miniature, non-board game painting projects that I’ll be showing off in another post because I can. But here’s what I have achieved so far. I’ve painted all but two of the Pathfinder…

October Painting Challenge

Having set myself personal challenges for both August & September, it seems as if holding myself accountable on this blog is working when it comes to spending my free time on something more interesting than browsing Twitter on my couch. So let’s keep setting challenges! For next month, I’ve decided to focus on miniature painting….

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

I actually got a copy of the PACG in the RUTHCon math trade, but hadn’t managed to sit down and learn it. However, in a recent Twitter discussion, Eric & Chris expressed their interest in revisiting the game in a new campaign and invited Burke & I to join them. Naturally I jumped at the…