October Painting Challenge – Results

So let me start by saying that I got completely distracted by a different project and so abandoned my October challenge almost entirely. So yeah, not so good.

I did end up completing all of the Pathfinder miniatures I was working on, but I only got about a third of the Arcadia Quest ones painted. About halfway through the month, I started working on creating a Halloween costume that involved EVA foam armour pieces, and which took up all of my free time as I learned how to work with the material.

But Kit and I did sit down and start a Arcadia Quest: Beyond the Grave campaign last night, and seeing just how good the figures that I had painted looked on the board was pretty motivating. So I’ll be continuing to paint these guys over the next few weeks and I’m looking forward to playing with everything in full colour, especially once I start working through the many heroes I already have (24). After all, there are a ton more AQ heroes coming with Masmorra (19) and Inferno & Pets (46!), and then there will be all the new monsters, angels, and pets to contend with, so I need to get through the miniatures already here before the next wave show up!

As for the costume build that took my attention away from painting? I think it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.



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