Coffee Break

There are a ton of people out there creating interesting articles and videos, putting them out for us to enjoy and not asking much, if anything in return. Here are some things I’ve enjoyed recently; check out the links and consider commenting or even buying someone a cuppa in return.

Katie Aidley had an Origins trip that was full of highs and lows, many relayed on social media before she was able to process them. If you haven’t already, read her words on the associated matter and think about checking out her Patreon to help her keep writing about wargames, mental health in gaming, and whatever other topics she turns her attention to. Within the response to Katie’s article, an older article by Teri Litorco was shared in which she discussed similar issues and how gaming spaces might be moved towards being considered safe spaces for women.

Angelus Morningstar wrote a great article responding to the perception that casual games are somehow less worthy of our attention. He’s mentioned working on a follow-up discussing some of the socio-economic issues and other concerns that affect access to the hobby and I can’t wait to read his thoughts on the matter.

I’m headed to Alaska for the next ten days, and while here would love to catch sight of whales in the wild. So it seems apropos that I recently read an article about the people attempting to detangle right whales caught in fishing lines in an effort to save the endangered animals. Chelsea Murray intertwines the lives of the whales with the man who gave his life saving one of them and the result is a powerful read.

For something lighter in tone, Shaun on Twitter is creating a book of magical cosmetics for D&D that is simply wonderful. A few pages have been shared so far here and here and I love them. Everything looks like the existing fifth edition sourcebooks complete with beautiful art. Hopefully it’ll end up available as an ebook when the project is done as I’d love to pick up a copy for my game library.


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    Thanks for the kind words


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