October Painting Challenge

Having set myself personal challenges for both August & September, it seems as if holding myself accountable on this blog is working when it comes to spending my free time on something more interesting than browsing Twitter on my couch. So let’s keep setting challenges!

For next month, I’ve decided to focus on miniature painting. I plan to start with painting up some Reaper Bones Pathfinder miniatures for use in the PACG – both in the larger campaign I’m in with friends, and also in the 2-player campaign that Kit and I have been enjoying.

Once these heroes are finished, I then intend to start the real meat of the challenge: to paint up an appropriately spooky game by the end of the month, and (if I can find the players) potentially play it on Halloween.

I have two potential candidates for the Halloween game: Mansions of Madness, Second Edition or Arcadia Quest: Beyond the Grave. They have dramatically different styles, but both feature an array of undead or otherwise spooky monsters for their heroes to combat. As I couldn’t decide which game to chose, I actually ran a Twitter poll, asking my followers to make up my mind for me. Except apparently my followers couldn’t decide either:

So I guess I have to suck it up and make a decision anyway. I have some time to ponder while I work on the Pathfinder minis at least. And, after all, I do eventually hope to paint both games.

The important thing is that this challenge will force me to get started despite all the anxiety about messing it up. After all, it’s only paint.



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