Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


I actually got a copy of the PACG in the RUTHCon math trade, but hadn’t managed to sit down and learn it. However, in a recent Twitter discussion, Eric & Chris expressed their interest in revisiting the game in a new campaign and invited Burke & I to join them. Naturally I jumped at the chance. Burke wasn’t able to join us for the first session, so our plan was either to recruit Kit or just have one of us double-up on characters to get started.


The first matter of business was to select our characters. Burke had requested a cleric of some sort, so we set him up with Kyra, and Kit graciously agreed to step in for him. Eric chose to play the barbarian Amiri, while Chris and I decided which characters would best to round out the group.

I had been pondering what direction to go in for a while the evening before. I usually play ranged damage dealers or healers in any kind of MMORPG-type group and I play the ranged smuggler Jyn Odan in Imperial Assault, so I was tempted to go with something a little more up close and personal for this campaign. However, in the end I went with Ezren, the arcane wizard, to give us some much needed magic & arcane skills, while Chris chose the only non-human in Harsk, the dwarfen ranger who prefers tea to ale.

Perils of the Lost Coast: Brigandoom!

Banditry and foul deeds have been plaguing the Lost Coast, and so our group of adventurers had been tasked with ferreting out and taking care of Jubrayl Vhiski, leader of the bandits. We’d been warned that he would be hard to catch, and so had to take care to close off all possible escape routes when attempting to defeat him, else he would simply slip away into the dark corners and seedy underbelly of Sandpoint. With a number of potential hiding places to search and close in a limited time, finding Vhiski wasn’t going to easy.


Or so we thought. Turn one, Kyra stumbled upon the bandit leader himself while exploring the Wooden Bridge. Unfortunately the cleric was unprepared for combat, and so she took a pretty sound beating before the villain ran off. It was an inauspicious start, but surely things could only get better for our heroes? Except they didn’t; at one point Ezren came upon a giant gecko while searching for spells at the Academy and after failing to defeat it, it headed off to terrorize a nearby Farmhouse (or possibly sell them car insurance). Harsk attempted to protect the Farmhouse, but only succeeded in sending the damn thing, still undefeated, back to the Academy. After spending so much time on small encounters and traps, Harsk eventually tracked Vhiski down where he was hiding in the prison, but the bandit leader once again bested a hero in combat, and before we could discover his new hideout, our blessings had run dry. It was time to regroup, rest & re-equip using the equipment, spells & allies we’d gained on our first attempt, and prepare for another determined effort to defeat the bandits of the Lost Coast.

ranger-harsk-smallIt was a brand new day and our intrepid adventurers were ready to return to their task. The day started dramatically with that damn giant gecko once again attacking at the Farmhouse before scurrying off to the Academy, still undefeated. Immediately following, a skeleton hoard attacked all locations, but this threat was much easier to deal with, as three out of the four heroes handily dispatched the bony attackers (Ezren just used magic to evade his attacker). However, things started to turn around, as Harsk defeated one of Vhiski’s henchman in the Woods, to permanently cut off that escape route.

Ezren once again took on the giant gecko, and once again it was victorious and ran off to cause more havoc. However he was able to redeem himself by defeating first a scout, and then a bandit henchman to close the Academy to Vhiski. That was two locations sealed, but the timer continued to tick down, and the bandit leader was nowhere in sight. At least until Amiri wandered alone into the Waterfront and stumbled into him. She defeated him, but he was able to escape and run for his prison hiding place. But now we knew where he was!

barbarian-amiri-smallWe set about preparing to storm the prison – Ezren used his thieves tools to open a large locked chest and get at a cache of deadly weapons with which to equip Amiri for the upcoming fight. Harsk then set off to protect the Farmhouse and stop the bandits using it to hide. He found one of them there and handily defeated the henchman, but a ghostly attack prevented him closing the location. Amiri bravely headed for the prison, but walked straight into an ambush. It left her weakened and vulnerable to attack by a goblin, but the fiend had severely underestimated the barbarian who dispatched him easily. Kyra then easily defeated a zombie to close the Farmhouse, while Ezren closed down the Wooden Bridge, cutting off the last possible escape route while the others converged on the prison where Amiri had cornered Jubrayl Vhiski himself. Kyra dealt the final blow to defeat the bandit leader, completing the heroes quest, and they headed off to rest up and examine the shiny new items they’d received in reward.

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed our play, even if we had to play the scenario twice, and can’t wait to see how the campaign continues. I especially enjoyed the challenge of balancing drawing to get cool stuff out of your deck, while still leaving as many cards in there as possible since they’re also your hit points! The game runs really smoothly and fairly simply, without getting dulled down. It doesn’t quite have the immersion of a RPG, but you still get stories out of your play, and overall it’s just a damn good time. Maybe we can even persuade Kit to stick with us after Burke comes in, and see what we can do with a fifth hero, as we continue along this adventure path and then onto the first of the Adventure Decks.

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