October Painting Challenge Update – Pathfinder Miniatures

So we’re literally halfway through the month & my painting progress has been SLOW. Primarily due to illness but also due to some non-miniature, non-board game painting projects that I’ll be showing off in another post because I can.

But here’s what I have achieved so far. I’ve painted all but two of the Pathfinder minis for both of my campaigns of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. My friend Burke was painting Harsk for our larger game, and my husband actually started working on Ezren, so that’s why I haven’t painted those characters. I was super nervous to start working on this project, as I’ve only played with painting a few spare minis before, but I’m really happy with how they came out. The set of Citadel shades that I treated myself to at the Atomic Empire have been a godsend, as they definitely make my painting look significantly better.

I’ve arranged the images below in the order the minis were painted, so you can see if I improved at all over the course of completing them.





I do have a few more Pathfinder iconic character minis that were in my Reaper KS from way back. I may paint them eventually, but for now I’m moving on to get started on the Arcadia Quest monsters in the hope of getting them done by Halloween.


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