Gaming Resolutions – December

Well, it’s December 7th and that means it’s time for me to once again come clean on how my gaming resolutions have been going. Since I technically started this on January 7th, there will be one more post in this 2017 series, and since holding myself accountable has been helpful, I’ll be likely creating a new list of 2018 resolutions.

Publish at least two blog posts per week

Given that I’ve published a whole 3 blog posts since my last resolutions post, it’s pretty clear writer’s block is still smacking me around. I have a number of half-written posts in my drafts folder, and I’m thinking it’s time to be ruthless about deleting them so I stop feeling so disheartened every time I open it up and see them all there.

Play games more than once

My 10×10 challenge officially ended on November 30th as I started it at the beginning of last December. Finishing at 64/100, I didn’t meet my goal of getting all 100 plays, but I did meet the larger goal of playing things more than just a couple of times. I learned a lot about picking games for this type of challenge and can’t wait to figure out next year’s list – the only question is whether to theme the challenge in some way or just go with an assortment of styles and game lengths to maximize opportunities for challenge plays.


Play at least three unplayed games from my collection each month

While I played a few new games during the month, the only one that had been sitting on my unplayed shelf for a while was Osprey Games’ The Lost Expedition which I had been given by my parents as a birthday present back in July. So far I’ve only played the game solo and have a solid 100% loss rate, but I just keep going back for more.  I did technically get a few other games played during the first days of December, but since I’d bought them in November it’s a stretch to include them; those games were Valletta and Merlin, both games I thoroughly enjoyed and want to play again.


Update BGG collection & ensure all changes are made by the end of the month

I can thank BoardGameGeek’s Secret Santa exchange for my managing this one for the month. I’m participating this year for the first time and as a result I was both limiting game purchases and quickly updating any I did make to my collection in an attempt to ensure I didn’t mess up anybody’s plans. I haven’t received any communications or parcels from my Santa yet, but I did hear back from my recipient that he was extremely happy with his gifts, so I’m calling it a success!


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