Gaming Resolutions – November

Back in September, I was super proud of myself for fulfilling every single one of my resolutions. Well this time, it’s the exact opposite; I didn’t manage to do any of them over the last month, and even this post is going up a day late. But my intention in still posting is to recognize my failure, and then hopefully turn things around as the year draws to a close.

Publish at least two blog posts per week

NOPE! I wasn’t even close on this one as I continued to struggle with issues of motivation and self-doubt when it comes to my writing. This wasn’t helped by my feeling inadequate in terms of my reviews, which has made writing for the podcast tricky and has led to my having a number of started drafts that haven’t gone anywhere. Honestly, I should really delete them from here, as they made me feel kinda shitty everytime I look at them, and if it’s a post worth writing, I can always start afresh later. I’m truly sorry that I’ve been failing to get content up here – I need to see if I can figure out new ways to motivate myself and get things rolling again.

Play games more than once

NOPE! At least not in terms of making progress on my 10×10 challenge. The Quest for El Dorado did get played twice during the month rather than getting one play then sitting quietly, so I least give myself a teeny, tiny kudos there.

Play at least three unplayed games from my collection each month

NOPE! Wok on Fire! was the only game I played that had been sitting in my unplayed area for some time.

I did play a bunch of things for the first time, but as all of them entered my collection during the last month then they didn’t count. Those games were: Bob Ross: Art of Chill, Clank! In Space!, Constellations, Ex Libris, Samurai Gardener, and Star Cartel. So a really nice mix of stuff but not helpful for meeting this particular goal.


Update BGG collection & ensure all changes are made by the end of the month

NOPE! I only got my collection post up this yesterday morning, and updated BGG with all of the changes it includes about five minutes before I starting writing this sentence. Ugh!


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