Gaming Resolutions – October

Last month I managed to meet every resolution for the first time; the question was, could I continue to succeed? The fact that I’m posting this later than my typical 7th of the month schedule, probably gives a clue…

Publish at least 2 blog posts per week

I started a series of posts talking about my current Top 100 games as determined using the Pubmeeple ranking engine, and this meant there was a decent amount of content hitting the blog, especially when added to the last of my FLGS posts and the occasional weekly round-up.

Unfortunately I hit a major case of writer’s block in the latter half of September and just could not get blog posts finished for what seemed like forever (actually 11 days). Even though I was working on my Top 100, on Five By posts, and other structured things, I just kept staring at my screen then giving up and going back to Twitter, Darkest Dungeon, or whatever else I could escape to.

Play games more than once

We played game 10 of ourĀ SeaFall campaign in early September which completed that game’s challenge plays for the year. Shortly afterwards, TBGT offered the chance to at least get in a few more plays of my 10×10 challenge games. I didn’t get as many of them played as I took with me, but I did get in plays of Roll Player and Century: Spice Road.

Play at least 3 unplayed games from my collection each month

Shortly after my last resolutions post, I put together a spreadsheet of my unplayed games and marked games as entirely unplayed or as games that I’d played before but that my copy hadn’t yet made it to the table. This made tracking my progress much easier for this resolution as I’ve been marked when I play a game and then deleting it from the sheet only once I write the next resolution update.

I finally got to play Lisboa at TBGT, and while it had only come into my collection in August, I’m using the word “finally” as between the wait for it to arrive and hearing my good friend Eric talk about how much he adores the game, the need to play was getting unbearable. Luckily it lived up to all of my expectations. I also got Saint Malo played which I’d received from Matt Wolfe on my birthday back in July, and Limes which I picked up in June while on vacation.

Update BGG collection & ensure all changes are made by the end of the month

After TBGT, I promptly (well promptly for me, so actually 2 days after the event) updated my BGG collection to reflect the games I had both sold and picked up at the con. This made it much easier for me to keep up with the changes instead of making them all at once at the end of the month. I did get a few Kickstarter and online deliveries in the latter part of the month which I forgot to add at the time but I did squeak in on time by updating BGG late in the evening on September 30th.


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