Kickstarter Update – August

VISITOR in Blackwood Grove – ends August 22nd

While watching Chris Bryan share some Board Game news recently (subscribe to his channel, seriously, go now), I heard him mention this intriguing game was on Kickstarter and I just had to check it out. Designed by Mary Flanagan and Max Seidman, the game is set in an ET-esque time where a Kid sees a spacecraft crash. The downed ship is protected by a forcefield that prevents entry by the Kid, who wishes to help the Visitor within, and by the government Agents who wish to capture both the Visitor and it’s craft.

One player takes one the role of the Visitor, who makes up a rule that determines which objects from the deck can and cannot pass through the forcefield. The Agents and Kid must then attempt to test various objects against the forcefield to determine the answer in order to reach the craft. The Kid can potentially gain enough of the Visitor’s trust to gain addition abilities. The Agents gain information secretly from the kid, and by working together can potentially brute force the solution.

It’s a super interesting concept for an asymmetric game, which the Visitor having to correctly gauge the difficulty of the puzzle to ensure that it’s easy enough for the Kid to figure out while keeping the Agents from getting their first and capturing the Visitor for experimentation. The art looks gorgeous, and while I can’t be sure that it’ll work for my group, the low cost ($17) and the fact that it’s hit almost every stretch goal and is close to getting a glow-in-the-dark box, meant that I just had to back the project.b8b9bf5a52da803f86ff07fc3b9aa315_original

Argent: the Consortium – 2nd Edition – ends August 27th

I first played Argent: the Consortium last year and thoroughly enjoyed this clever worker placement game that contains elements of deduction in order to figure out just what you need to win. Set in a magical school getting ready to appoint a new Chancellor, each player takes on the role of a faculty member attempting to grab the prestigious spot. But the appointee will be decided by a vote at the end of the week, and nobody knows for sure exactly who gets to vote. Thus players spend the week sending out students to help them figure out who’s on the committee and what they’re looking for, in order to make sure they can earn as many votes as possible. The second edition is now on Kickstarter and features upgraded components, particularly when it comes to the student miniatures, clarified rules and card text, and a new mini-expansion. I loved the game after a couple of plays and was thrilled to get a chance at getting my own copy. I haven’t pledged for any of the existing or new expansion content as the base game has a ton of content by itself, but they’re also available if you’re interested. There’s also an upgrade kit available for owners of the first edition who’d like to get the new miniatures without shelling out for a whole new copy of the game.


Before The Earth Explodes: A retro sci-fi card game – ends August 27th

Green Couch Games’s latest campaign is set on an Earth that is quickly running out of resources and time is running out thanks to overpopulation. There’s nothing left to lose and so various warring factions are attempting to find a new home and claim the title of humanity’s saviour. This two-player game from Adrian Adamescu & Daryl Andrews features 4 potential ways for players to win, and features gameplay that takes it’s cues from Rock-Paper-Scissors, forcing each player to get into their opponent’s head if they are to have any hope of winning. The art looks great, it’s seems quick to pick up, and it’s a 20-30 minute game, meaning that even after you lose, there’s likely to be time to reset and play again. I haven’t managed to try it out, but the campaign’s definitely worth taking a peek at.


A DOG’S LIFE GAME – Be A Canine Hero! – ends September 7th

This board game comes with a set of seven painted canine miniatures for the player pieces, which immediately meant that I had to go look at this game’s campaign page. It looks like a pretty light family or kid-level game that has players run around town seeking to bury three bones while avoiding the dog-catcher and/or sending him after their opponents. It’s cute and has major toy factor, and there’s a collector’s edition that comes with TWENTY-FIVE dog miniatures if seven breeds isn’t enough to chose from. It’s not something I’ll be backing personally given how light it appears, but it’s out there if you’re interested.


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