RUTHCon II Recap: In Summary

Personal Stats

  • Individual Plays 25
  • Games Played 21
  • Games Learned 8
  • Games Taught 11
  • Games Won 9
  • Opponents Played 31
  • Game of the Con Mansions of Madness, Second Edition – playing with a great group AND the app cast to a big screen is an incredible experience that I’d love to have again.
  • Least Favourite Game Sentient
  • Most Played Games Barenpark and NMBR9 (3 plays of each)


Convention Stats

  • Unique Attendees 42
  • Gaming Hours 48
  • Prizes Awarded 55!!!
  • Most Loved Game Sol: Last Days of a Star
  • Most Played Game Barenpark and/or Century: Spice Road


Most Impressive Game (according to attendees)

“That cocaine-fueled social frenzy upstairs” AKA Graham’s recreation of the Food Chain game from The Genius … which involved ZERO illicit substances, FYI.

There were also votes for Mansions of Madness, Second Edition, and not just from those of us who actually played the game. I take pride in this fact, as my throwaway idea of mirroring the app to the TV ended up being a stroke of accidental genius.

Con Highlights

When attendees were asked about their best moments, the quick visit from the Bowkers dog ranked very highly. In addition, the Mansions of Madness game was mentioned more than once, and Graham’s Food Chain game also got multiple mentions. But overall we just heard that people had a great time with new games, hanging out with a great group of people, and potentially winning said great people in the raffle (sorry Mitchell!).

RUTHCon II Posts


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