RUTHCon II Recap: Day 3

On this Sunday, the third and final day of RUTHCon, well they faked me out. I awoke close to 8:30am, freaked out that the early clean-up crew was about to show up, threw on clothes, raced downstairs, and then nobody showed up until 9am. But it took me just a few minutes to pick up trash and wipe down and rearrange tables, so when Burke arrived first I was actually sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee enjoying a relatively nice morning (as in, the humidity was not immediately overwhelming).

The reason I had been rearranging tables before anyone arrived was in order to claim a prime spot in front of the TV for my first game. You see, Burke and I had arranged to play Mansions of Madness, Second Edition on Sunday morning with the app being streamed to said TV. We were joined by Eric Booth, Chris Mitchell, and Page for an epic adventure in some spooky hills. It was a fantastic way to play the game, and a great group to play with. We had tons of stand up die rolls, tense moments and it all came down to a nail-bitingly close finish. The fact that we won was just the eldritch icing on the Cthulhu-themed birthday cake.

Kit, David, Marleigh, & Page took on Dice Forge four-player so clearly my husband hadn’t been lying when he said he liked the game on Saturday. He did however take delight in telling me I’d missed a rule change for the two-player game and so we would just have to play it again some time. As they were setting up the game, I had decided to introduce my mum to some more games and pulled out Potion Explosion; Eric jumped in and so I set up a three-player game while he quickly helped Kit teach the aforementioned Dice Forge. As I’d expected, my mother was an immediate fan of Potion Explosion. She was tough competition for us and had plenty of trash-talking for Eric and I. My favourite moment might have been when she told him she hoped he’d choke on his “ill-gotten marbles!” In the end I handily won the game, with Eric and my mum separated by just a single point in his favour.

I then pulled out Kingdomino and the three of us started building our new domains. I was glad to see that the tiles themselves were distinguishable for Eric’s form of colorblindness but the tile reference was not nearly as easy to discern which is just aggravating. I was glad my mum also really enjoyed this tile-layer, as the more games I introduce to family, the better. She was also interested when I explained the 7×7 variant, so I’d like to revisit Kingdomino with her in the near future in order to try it that way.

After we finished building our kingdoms, it was time to draw winners for the Play-to-Win games. Mum helped me organize tickets and soon we had winners pulled from the boxes for all 4 games and 4 inserts that had been available. I quickly delivered the prizes and then cleared room for one last game with Eric Handler before he headed for the airport. Adam Skelding and Mosley joined us for Gold West and after assembling the puzzle board and giving a 2 min rules refresher, we were off exploring the frontier. I love this game so much, and in fact, this play made the decision for me to cover it on the Five By episode I recorded post-RUTHCon. It was great to relax and play a smooth, enjoyable game with friends, especially after the chaos of the last few days.

Once Eric headed off, I was pressed into service to teach Ginkgopolis to Daniel Newman and Jon Bolding. Given how good the game is, this took very little persuading. It was my first time teaching but I think I did okay, and the guys certainly seemed to get the hang of the game quickly. Daniel then set up his prototype of Dead Man’s Party for playtesting while Jon and I played a quick game of Odin’s Ravens. It came down to the very last turn, like every single game I’ve played, and was just as good as ever.

Meanwhile, the game of Dogs of War that had been raging in the living room ended, and while some participants headed to Daniel’s proto, I stole Marleigh away to finally get a game in with her, my very last game of the con. We were joined by Page and Linus, and Marleigh obliged me by teaching me how to play Yamatai, a game I’d purchased but hadn’t yet played. It was a really good game with really good company, and the trash-talking was sublime as ever. In the end, Linus took the win in this one last game, with yet another defeat being an appropriate end to my con.

It was a fantastic three days of gaming with friends, and while I spent quite a bit of time hosting and just making sure people were doing okay, I still loved every minute. I guess we just have to start planning for next year…


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