Collection Update: July 2017

Between my birthday (yay!), birthday money, the RUTHCon flea market, and some Kickstarters showing up, a lot of games were added to my collection. Unfortunately very few left my collection despite the flea market, so it may be time to consider selling online despite my not wanting to deal with shipping.



  • Asgard –
  • Barenpark (2 copies) – birthday gifts from my parents and from my sister
  • Century: Spice Road –
  • Circle the Wagons – Kickstarter fulfillment
  • Dice Forge – Atomic Empire
  • EXIT: The Abandoned Cabin – bought from Daniel Newman
  • EXIT: The Pharaoh’s Tomb – Atomic Empire
  • Exoplanets – Kickstarter fulfillment
  • Istanbul – Amazon
  • Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: the Board Game – Atomic Empire
  • Last Friday – from Keith Collins
  • The Lost Expedition – birthday gift from my parents
  • Near and Far – bought from Daniel Newman
  • NMBR9 –
  • Railroad Revolution – birthday gift from my parents
  • Raxxon – Asmodee NA
  • Saint Malo – birthday gift from Matt
  • Spires – Kickstarter fulfillment
  • Vast: The Crystal caverns – from Keith Collins


  • Exoplanets: The Great Expanse – Kickstarter fulfillment
  • Felt bit trays – bought from Eric Booth



  • Barenpark (extra copy) – sold to Chris Mitchell
  • Mistfall – sold to Scott

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