Birthday List Re-Visited

I had posted my birthday wishlist previously with the bulk of it being lists of games I either wanted to learn or to play again. I was hoping RUTHCon II would provide opportunities to get a lot of things crossed off of the list, so now that the dust has settled and my house is no longer a convention centre, it’s time to see how well I did.

Games I Wanted to Learn

There were four games on this list: Flatline, Medici the Card Game, Signorie, and Yokohama. I learned NONE of them, so they will continue to be games I’m looking to play at some time. My husband actually managed to play Medici the Card Game at RUTHCon, so I can at least get an opinion from him.


Games I Wanted to Play Again

There were eight games on this list, and I managed to play four of them over the weekend at RUTHCon: Alchemists, Asgard, Endeavour, and Mansions of Madness. I didn’t get Railroad Revolution played again but I did get a copy for my birthday so should be able to play it soon-ish. I knew it was going to come down to either Eclipse or Mansions given the epic playtimes involved, and I’m glad we ended up doing Mansions. We streamed the app to my TV and played a fantastic five-player game which we won by the skin of our teeth in an epic showdown. The Colonists and Great Western Trail will just have to be played some other time, but since they’re both sitting in my game room, I don’t have to rely on someone else bringing them over.


Real Things I Wanted

So I had NMBR9 and Century: Spice Road on the list and then promptly purchased them for myself, so I guess I gave myself presents this year. Also on the list was Barenpark & The Lost Expedition, both of which I was given by my parents. My sister ALSO bought me Barenpark, so I actually have two copies of this Phil Walker-Harding beauty.

The games I didn’t receive will just have to be added to my wishlist, and of course, as expected my dreams of an imperial Assault app finally releasing did not happen!




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