Gaming Resolutions – June and July

I had written a whole resolutions update for June and thought I’d scheduled it to post while we were in the air on our way to Rome. But apparently I didn’t, and so that post never published. So I’m combining it into an update for the following month also.

Publish at least 2 blog posts a week

I definitely didn’t do so well on this one with at least one 10-day gap between blog posts during the first month. June was even worse with us being in Europe for a little under 2 weeks. In the end, over the last 2 months, I published 13 posts in total with a number of long gaps followed by clusters of content. I do have plans for another challenge-type series starting soon after RUTHCon so hopefully that will get me posting more frequently, more consistently, and with more interesting topics.

Play games more than once

Getting back to SeaFall helped me add another couple of plays to my challenge. I also managed to get in another game of Roll Player when Eric Buscemi came into town (or within driving distance at least) and we got together to play. I’m hoping to get a bunch of plays knocked out in July, and will likely start making the challenge more of a focus.


Of note, I did discover that I’d actually added ELEVEN games to the challenge in BG Stats which explained why Bora Bora looked weird on the list. I decided to remove Star Wars Destiny in order to get the list down to the quantity of ten that it was supposed to have in the first place.

Play at least 3 unplayed games from my collection each month

I didn’t play any games, let along any older acquisitions, to the degree I have in some months, and so I failed utterly and completely on this one. In fact, I had just 21 plays in the 2 months covered in this update and 5 of them were games of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. The only game played in that time that would fit this resolution was Sylvion.

Update BGG collection & ensure all changes are made by the end on the month

Having finally completed the big update, my focus is now on maintenance and starting to get my trade/sell lists whipped into shape. I only added a single game to my collection in May, and I updated it in BGG, so I met this resolution at least that month. I added a lot more in June, ALL of which were updated in BGG’s database before the end of the month so I continue to keep up with this part of my resolutions for the year.

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