Collection Update: June 2017

June was an interesting month for my collection as I visited game stores in both Rome and Hannover while on vacation. But I also opened up the RUTHCon math trade and flea market which meant a bunch of games were placed up for grabs and will potentially leave my shelves.



  • Condottiere (Italian) – Avalon Roma, Rome
  • Dicht Dran (German) – Fantasy-In, Hannover
  • Fairy Tale (Italian) – Avalon Roma, Rome
  • Haithabu – from Jason Dinger
  • La Granja: No Siesta (German) – Fantasy-In, Hannover
  • Limes (German) – Fantasy-In, Hannover
  • Oh My Goods! (Italian) – Avalon Roma, Rome
  • Targi (Italian) – Avalon Roma, Rome
  • Twenty One (German) – Fantasy-In, Hannover
  • Unreal Estate – Kickstarter fulfillment
  • Viva Java: the Dice Game (German) – Fantasy-In, Hannover
  • Yamatai – Atomic Empire

Promos & Expansions

  • 7 Wonders Duel: The Messe Essen – BGG Store
  • Isle of Skye: Themenpl√§ttchen – BGG Store
  • My Village: Vagrants – BGG Store
  • Shakespeare: Prospero & Art Book – BGG Store


  • Extra set of dice for Mansions of Madness, Second Edition – Atomic Empire
  • Blue discs to replace those missing from La Granja: No Siesta – BGG Store


I puta bunch of games up for sale in the RUTHCon flea market – so far one has sold but I’m staying hopeful…

  • Stone Age – sold to Chris P

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