Travel Plans (and Games)

Kit and I were invited to a (practically) family wedding this June, with the only wrinkle being that it’s being held in Hannover. Thus, we won’t be attending Origins this year as we’ll be heading off on our holidays, with plans to spend just over six days in Rome before heading to Hanover for four days in order to witness Suzanne & Dennis’s nuptials.

Of course I’m planning to bring at least a few small games with me that play well at one or two players, and of course then there’s the fact that this trip brings with it the opportunity to check out some Italian and German game stores, that is if I can persuade Kit to indulge me.

Games to Pack

These are the games I have on my short-list to bring with us – it may change when it actually comes time to pack:

  • The Game
  • Jaipur
  • Odin’s Ravens
  • Red7
  • Star Realms

Places to Check Out

I’ve been poking around BGG and just randomly googling, and so far this is what I’ve found in terms of stores we may be near during our trip:


  • Avalon Roma, Viale delle Milizie 86
  • Strategia e tattica 2, Via Massaciuccoli 78
  • Strategia Nona, Via Niso 54


  • Fantasy-In, Hildesheimer Str. 11, 30169 Hannover, Germany

Games I’m Considering Picking Up

I’d like to get at least one game while I’m on vacation as a souvenir of the trip. I’ve made a list of games that come in smaller, easily transported packages to consider, but am fully aware that something else might catch my eye while browsing.

  • Abluxxen
  • Diamant
  • Dokmus
  • Land Unter
  • Las Vegas Blvd
  • NMBR9
  • Noch Mal
  • Raiders of the North Sea
  • Tempel des Schreckens

And of course, I have to pick up another copy of Wurfel Bohnanza to give away at RUTHCon II this July.


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