The Five By: The Games of Episode 10

I’ve played every game featured in this episode of The Five By which is somewhat astounding given the broad variety of games found in our combined collections. Of note, this episode features Sarah’s first segment so, if you haven’t already, listen to the episode and then jump over to Twitter and welcome her to the team.

00:32 Stephanie – Dreamwell

I’ve only played Dreamwell once, and now want to pull it out and give it another play. I remember not being able to make my mind up about it, planning to play again, and then more new games entered my collection and drew my attention from it. The gorgeous art alone makes it worth getting out again, so hopefully once we get back from Germany I can try it once more.

05:11 Sarah – Paperback

Paperback unfortunately fell flat for us, which was unfortunate as we had high hopes for this deck-building word game. We played it a few times, including once with Kit’s family, but it just wasn’t a good fit for us, and so I got rid of it at last year’s RUTHCon. Listening to Sarah makes me sad again that it didn’t work out for us, but I’m happy my copy found a new home where it’s hopefully better appreciated.

10:15 Lindsay – Eclipse

I LOVE me some Eclipse, even if I barely ever get to play it. The combination of American-style dice chucking combat with Euro-style resource management works for me, and the time just flies by during play making the often 5-6 hours seem like significantly less. It’s definitely an event game, but it’s one I’d like to find more excuses to bring out. Plus I’d love to see what Kit thought of such a marathon-type experience.


15:33 Mason – Port Royal

Port Royal was one of my favourite games that I obtained last year, and lord knows our copy’s seen a lot of play. I enjoy it at multiple player counts, though more players means more appreciation of crazily pushing you luck, and more hilarity when someone fails hard. I still haven’t cracked open my expansion and I should probably revisit the base game a bit first, but since listening to Mason did prompt me to add Port Royal onto my packing list for our trip, that may happen sooner rather than later.

20:58 Ruth – In the Year of the Dragon

It’s harsh, it’s brutal, it punches you in the face repeatedly, and it’s one of my favourite Felds. Hell, it’s one of my favourite games, period. In the Year of the Dragon is held in great esteem in my household and no matter what anyone says, I don’t see it toppling from that pedestal any time soon. I’ll happily teach anyone this fantastic Feld game of disaster management along with any consolation and support required during the aftermath.


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