Backed Kickstarter Projects

A while ago I’d decreased my activity on Kickstarter a good amount but I’ve noticed it creeping back up lately. So I’m making a list of backed projects both current and those waiting to fulfill in an effort to stay honest.

Currently Backing

Hero’s Trove Item Cards for 5E (ends Mon, May 29th) I’m still holding out hope for our D&D/RPG group getting up and running, but in the meantime I couldn’t resist these beautifully illustrated item cards, even if I don’t know what ruleset we’ll even be playing if it happens.

Roll Player: Monsters & Minions Expansion (ends Thurs, June 15th) Roll Player is a fantastic game and the expansion adds a good amount of “more of the same” which is what I want from it. I’m less bothered about the new stuff that’s included but it’ll be interesting to see just how it works in practice.


Projects Awaiting Fulfillment (by project year)


  • Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks This book will join my fantasy-worldbuilding collection that hangs out in my game room and lets me pretend I actually get to play RPGs in addition to board games.
  • Mini d20 Dice Earrings Seriously, at this price how could I resist some more nerdy jewelry?
  • Constellations It’s gorgeous, I love the theme, and everything I saw about it had me excited to give this game a try.
  • Circle the Wagons It’s a quick playing, two-player head to head with variable scoring conditions and after playing this tiny gem at UnPub 7, I couldn’t resist grabbing a copy for myself.
  • The Grimm Forest Intriguing sounding gameplay, gorgeous art and design, and some super fun looking fairytale miniatures made this game interesting enough to back.
  • The Last Garden Another game I played at UnPub 7, though I was already a backer by then. It’s gorgeous, plays very well at 2, and can be pretty cutthroat, all of which makes me happy.


  • Dinosaur Island I swithered back and forth and I’m still not 100% sure I made the right decision in backing due to some campaign missteps. We’ll see if I keep it when it actually shows up.
  • Cosmic Run Rapid Fire It’s from Dr. Finn’s Games, it’s quick, it’s a roll & write: done.
  • Femme Magnifique Between the stellar list of contributors and the great list of women included, I could not resist picking up this anthology.


  • Food Truck Champion Glory to Rome inspired with art and a theme I really liked. Since I haven’t played GtR but people keep telling me I’d like it, I decided what the heck and backed.
  • Trickster I have thoroughly enjoyed Daniel’s game in its various iterations so I had to get this version.


  • Spires I played the game that would become Spires at UnPub 6 and was really excited when it got picked up. Bryan’s art is stunning, and having played it again at PrezCon, I’m looking forward to it showing up.


  • SketchyNotebook Of course I couldn’t resist yet another notebook…
  • Unreal Estate Gorgeous art but I’m no longer 100% sold on the game; I’m hoping it destroys my doubts quickly upon its arrival.
  • Clovis – A Young Mother and her Giant Sloth, 12,000 BCE I tend to browse graphic novels on Kickstarter and this one caught my eye due to the combination of unusual setting & aspirations of scientific accuracy.
  • Daily Paintings – The Art of Piper Thibodeau I love Piper’s work so supporting the Kickstarter to get a printed book was a no-brainer.
  • Fate of the Elder Gods I’m really looking forward to having this game show up as I thoroughly enjoyed playing it at UnPub 6, and from what I hear, it’s only gotten better since then.
  • East Durham Pie Co Supports local small business and a pie baker at that. I’ve tasted her pie at a local brewery and it’s pretty amazing.
  • Exoplanets Another game I’m getting increasingly less confident about post-funding but we’ll see…
  • Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure A point-and-click adventure game with beautiful animation. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  • Liber Veneficii: The Book of Poisons See Remarkable Inns above.


  • Super Dungeon Explore: Legends I don’t know that I care anymore about getting this one, but I’ll give it a shot when it arrives.

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