The Five By: The Games of Episode 9


I’ve played most of the games featured this week, with only Mason’s game being a complete unknown. I haven’t played Lindsay’s choice either but I at least own it’s predecessor and knew a decent amount about it. It’s an interesting mix as always so check out the show

00:40 Ruth – Arcadia Quest

As mentioned in my segment, Arcadia Quest ranks highly among my games and I expect it to do so for some time. I haven’t yet started any of the newer campaigns using the huge amount of stuff I received in their last Kickstarter, but I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough. If only I could get everything painted in time but I’m pretty freaking slow.

Another thing I really like about the game that I ran out of time to mention on the show, is the variety of styles of women in the game, even among the 4 women in the base game alone – yes there are plenty of boobs, often encased inside chainmail bikini tops, but there are also plate armored warrior women, at least one older crone, and various other fully covered female heroes. As has been said by many people before me, I don’t care if some of your women are sexy if there’s some variety in their representation as a whole! The fact that this fantasy, chibi-style dungeon crawl game has that variety makes me happy.


05:44 Stephanie – Pandemic: The Cure

I got burned out on Pandemic, especially after Legacy required playing it so much, and so haven’t played the board game in some time. In fact, I haven’t even played Iberia yet despite being told it’s really good, and it’s likely part of that is the burnout. The Cure however is the one form of the game that I still enjoy. I’ve actually played it solo a few times while waiting on Kit to finish dinner, and the speed of set-up, satisfying dice-chucking, and great production quality makes it a joy to play, even when the game gets tough.


11:03 Lindsay – Dungeon Petz

I own Dungeon Lords but haven’t managed to play it yet. Thus, while the theme of Dungeon Petz really appealed, I had made a vow that I wouldn’t even consider buying it before I had played the earlier game. Unfortunately since I haven’t seen anyone else bring Petz to game days, that has meant I’ve never found the opportunity to try raising my own adorable dungeon denizens. Listening to Lindsay may have me breaking my vow…

16:06 Mason – Ubongo

Not only have I never played Ubongo, but aside from seeing the name at a booth at Origins, I knew absolutely nothing about it prior to listening to Mason’s segment. After listening, the game sounds bizarre and interesting and intriguing – I don’t know that I’ll be searching it out, but if I get the opportunity to play, I’ll definitely give it a shot.

21:24 Mike – Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game

I’m a big fan of Brew Crafters even if my copy doesn’t get to the table too often, and when they announced this quick playing travel version, I was certainly intrigued. Which makes me somewhat confused when I realize I’ve only actually played it once or twice years ago. Listening to Mike makes me determine to pull it out once more and throw it into my game bag in order to make it significantly more likely to hit the table.

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