Wizarding World Loot Crate: Dark Arts Review

It’s been a few months since I subscribed to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Loot Crate, and last week I received my fourth crate which was themed around the Dark Arts, featuring items reminiscent of the more evil characters and aspects of JK Rowling’s world. Spoilers abound, so scroll down past the Dark Mark to see what was inside May’s crate.


image above from Pottermore


The first thing I pulled out of the crate upon opening it was a t-shirt featuring Percival Graves from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I haven’t actually managed to see the film yet (I know, I’m ashamed) and so it didn’t mean much to me, but it’s a great, comfy shirt. Plus the Wizarding World crate’s shirts tend to feature a longer length which makes me incredibly happy. It’s probably a shirt I’ll wear lounging about the house on days off rather than to look cute, but I’m okay with that.

Next out of the crate was a Chamber of Secrets-inspired stationery set. It contained 6 black notecards embossed with the chamber’s serpentine door and matching black envelopes. Contained within a velvet pouch was sealing wax and a seal also fashioned after the chamber’s entrance. It all looks really cool and makes me want to randomly send some mail in the upcoming days.

A Dolores Umbridge favourite was next out of the crate, a set of 4 decorative cat plates reminiscent of those that decorated the infamously evil administrator’s office. The minute Kit saw them he was creeped out by the association, and I have to now figure out how to display them in a suitably creepy and evil fashion. The plates are melamine so, should I decide not to hang them on the walls, I could always put them to use serving without fear of such “valuable” items being damaged.

A horcrux enamel pin was next, featuring Tom Riddle’s infamous diary after being stabbed through with the attached basilisk fang. In black and gold, the pin looks and feels fantastic and I can’t wait to figure out the best way to show it off.

The final item in the crate was an Azkaban-themed zipper pouch, designed to look like the number a prisoner might hold up in their mugshot. As a journalling and pen nut, I can never have too many ways to hold my supplies so I’m sure I’ll be putting it to use soon.

Overall I really liked this crate, the t-shirt was only a bit of a bust due to the fact that I hadn’t seen the movie, as it’s actual design and style was great. I loved the stationery and pouch, adore the pin, and can’t decide whether to be more amused or repulsed by Dolores’ plates. The next crate is apparently going to be themed around Defense Against the Dark Arts and so I’ll be keeping my subscription active to see what they include in that one.




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