The Five By: The Games of Episode 8

This week features a number of games I own and enjoy plus one game that I’ve bing wanting to play ever since I first saw it on social media. I don’t know that I’ll get a chance to play it anytime soon, but it once again proves that if if I were anywhere near Lindsay, I’d be begging to play through her entire collection. Check out the latest episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or your favourite podcast app or simply find at the Five By Games website – them come back and see what I think of my co-hosts choices.

00:32 Mike – Tavarua

I played this surfing game at PrezCon back in February and there were some rules hiccups that meant we didn’t play exactly optimally. But I saw enough in the game to both enjoy and it and want to actually play it correctly. The movement of the waves is really clever, and the uncertainty of the wave card flips feels appropriate given the theme. I haven’t yet had the opportunity, but listening to Mike has it back on my radar, so it may be time to search out a copy.


05:55 Ruth – Odin’s Ravens (Second Edition)

Yet another two-player game entered my collection when I added this gorgeous race game to my collection while attending Board Games at the Beach. I first broke it out while hanging out at the Gamer’s Armory with Eric Booth, and less than halfway through the game, I knew it was a winner. It’s short and satisfying, combining easy to learn rules with the intriguing options that come from the Loki cards to result in an almost perfect two-player experience.


11:06 Stephanie – Sagrada

I’ve been loving this dice placement game since my Kickstarter copy was delivered. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and tricky enough to be satisfying despite being a fairly light game overall. And if you’re looking to make it tougher, the solo mode is pretty freaking hard to win. So far it’s gone over well regardless of player count, and I’m looking forward to introducing the game to some gaming-curious family members.


16:24 Lindsay – Arkwright

Arkwright is the kind of game I covet, but rarely get to play – it’s large, involved, brain-burning, and a real time commitment to master. I love taking on a game that’s extremely challenging, and while I don’t expect to do well, I get a rush of satisfaction when even the smallest piece of a game like this clicks for me. Having listened to Lindsay’s review, I intend to search out some more opinions via written or video reviews to decide how likely I am to ever get it played, and therefore how sensible it would be to add it to my running wishlist since my birthday is coming up.

21:58 Mason – Kingdomino

So far, I’ve only played Kingdomino at four players, but I am curious to try the two-player, especially using the larger grid option. I love the chunky thick tiles, colourful art, and the fact that this game is so quick-playing that it’s easy to knock out at the end of the night. It may be time to persuade Kit to try it out after dinner…



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