Gaming resolutions – May

Publish at least 2 blog posts a week

Once again, conventions helped boost my blog content with the Granite Game Summit resulting in 5 total posts and Board Games at the Beach generating another couple. I did have a few weeks be right at the minimum 2 posts but at least none dropped below the goal.

Play games more than once

We finally played more SeaFall after a long hiatus, getting it back on the menu, so to speak. I also decided to fill the final spot of my challenge with a surprise addition, Terraforming Mars. I’d been fairly vocal about not liking the game, but gave it another shot recently and found it decent, if still not great. Since I now have a copy, I’ve decided to force myself to play it multiple times through this challenge to see if it continues to grow on me, or if it is indeed the source of my most unpopular gaming opinion after all.

I also added Ulm to the challenge to finally fill the 10th spot and finish the waffling back and forth on what else to play. This was extremely helpful for my progress as I ended up playing it 3 times while at BGatB as lots of people wanted to learn it, which means I’m already at 6/10 games of the title. I also finally cracked and purchased a 10×10 challenge tracker from DaftConcepts and so I now have an amazing visual reminder of my progress.


Play at least 3 unplayed games from my collection each month

Most of my gaming over the last month was at either G2S or BGatB, and since I didn’t take any games with me to New Hampshire, this severely hampered my ability to get my copies of games onto the table. I actually purposefully added some games to my Wilmington packing list that were unplayed in an effort to make some progress, and that worked, well, not at all since none of them got played. So I basically failed this resolution completely for the month.

Update BGG collection & ensure all changes are made by the end of the month

I added a lot of games to my collection in April, as evidenced by this list, and I did manage to get all of them updated in BGG.

Far more importantly, however, I started on the mammoth task of updating my BGG collection. I started by exporting the collection data and printing the enormous list to give me something to work from. After that, it was simply a case of working shelf by shelf, checking off games that appear on the list and making a note of games that need to be added. It may not have been the most efficient method, but it worked fine for me.

I have games spread between multiple shelving units in two different rooms. I chose to start in the living room as at least those games were all in the entertainment unit, before tackling the bulk of the collection in the game room, which has games stored in all kinds of fancy places, such as “in piles on the floor”. Once I got through everything, I removed any games no longer in my possession. I still need to go ahead and make sure any games I’m looking to get rid off get marked as for trade in the database to make it easier in July when I put games into the RUTHCon math trade and/or flea market, but at least the biggest hurdle has been cleared.


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