Board Games at the Beach 2017 – Recap

Last weekend was the third annual Board Games at the Beach, an event I talked about earlier. Now that it’s over, it’s time to quickly recap what went on in Wilmington. And I mean “quickly”, work’s ramping up as I’m combining my regular duties with training new techs and teaching a new student, so you’re getting a quick stats rundown only.


  • Games Played: 14
  • Games Learned: 4 (Asgard, Islebound with expansion, Railroad Revolution, & Too Many Bones)
  • Games Purchased: 1 (Odin’s Ravens)
  • Players: 17


  • Best New Game: Railroad Revolution
  • Most Disappointing Game: My Village (due to the time it took and the atmosphere NOT due to the gameplay)
  • Most Played Game: Ulm (three plays, 2 teaching)
  • Most Surprising Game: Asgard
  • Most Impressive Game: Too Many Bones



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