SeaFalling Once More

On Friday night, we once again met at East Coast Gaming to explore uncharted waters in search of the Island at the End of the World. It had been fully three months since we’d last played back in mid-January, and so the question of the hour was can we remember what on earth we’re even doing?


Fueled by CookOut shakes thanks to Rob’s generosity, we got back into it, and it turned out at least one of us remembered as Chris took a pretty impressive first turn, sailing impressively far with an advisor’s help before successfully navigating a particular location to grab a milestone and some valuable rewards. He continued at a similar rate for much of the game, snapping up milestones a turn before Rob every damn time to grab the win for the session. In doing so he increased his rank by one to grab the overall second place spot, making him an increasing threat to my long-held throne.

It was so much fun to get SeaFall back to the table, and hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for the next session. I need to get a little more aggressive with my play, so hopefully next time I can come out swinging and earn some glory for Drasnia.



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