Imperial Assault Broken Token Insert

Confession time – I actually replaced someone else’s handmade custom insert with a commercial product. That’s right, I’m a monster who didn’t deserve Jason Dinger’s hard work. But just let me explain…

I store my games sideways for the most part, and even when I don’t, I occasionally carry them sideways., So, when Jason generously gave me his copy of Imperial Assault with foam-core insert, I had a problem. Just in the process of getting the game from him, the contents had spread throughout the box, and I wasn’t entirely sure how they were intended to fit. Plus I get antsy at having painted minis loose in a single bin. So I decided to look into a different storage solution that met my needs, knowing that if I couldn’t find something I liked, I always had Jason’s insert to use, provided I kept the game flat.

But after comparing insert designs from Broken Token, Go7 Gaming, and Meeple Realty, I decided to purchase the Broken Token Imperial Organizer insert. The question is, was it good enough to replace Jason’s work? Obviously from the my introduction you know that it was, but here are some details.

Like most of the Broken Token inserts I have, this one is designed as a series of trays that stack together filling the original box. Unlike others, however, this one left a corner empty for the AT-ST miniature (or miniatures if you have the expansion), and that made me nervous. On close examination, you can see that the insert trays next to this space have tabs and recesses on their sides designed to keep them from sliding off of each other, potentially damaging the model stored next to them. This definitely made me feel a little less nervous, but I will be adding a strip of foamcore between the stacked trays and the model anyway to act as an extra layer of protection.

Many of the token trays have engraved labels, making setting it up initially faster. Most trays have the tray above them act as their lid, with the topmost tray having a sliding acrylic cover to help avoid tokens finding their way throughout the box after transport.


The insert uses divided trays for the miniatures – these dividers can be removed to fit more models, but I wanted to keep things separated as much as possible. I still had to have some minis share a compartment, but it preferable to having them all bumping off of each other. Jason had already primed all of the models, and painted quite a lot of them. Once I get things organized, I’ll be picking up where he left off in an effort to get the set complete.


Overall, the Broken Token insert is pretty much exactly what I needed. While I preferred the design of the mini trays in other products, the divided trays used here work well, and I much prefer the rest of their design. It went together beautifully, and I only had one area in the entire thing where I decided to add glue to reinforce a join. The rest was so secure and stable on a dry fit that I chose not to take it apart again to add glue. I’m a huge fan of Broken Token for inserts – their quality is consistently excellent. I actually just received and put together their Terraforming Mars insert out for my thoughts on that one once I get a chance to try out the player boards in an actual game.



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