The Five By: The Games of Episode 6

This is another great episode full of interesting games. We’ve also hit a mini-milestone as our BGG geeklist directory of games covered on the show has crossed onto a second page!

00:30 Lindsay – Alchemists

I finally managed to play Alchemists in 2016 and LOVED the game, even though I was pretty terrible at it. The art’s awesome, the theme is integrated so well, and it’s a brain-burner of a logic puzzle which I adore. I love that you commit to your actions first, and might occasionally gamble on getting the cards you need for a later action. I desperately want to play it more to get better at figuring it out, but it’s not a game I see being played often, if at all. I do have at least one local friend who owns a copy (or at least used to), so maybe I just need to bug him till he agrees to schedule a game. That or I need to find an excuse to visit the UK, so I can pop round to Lindsay’s for a game or two.

05:38 Mason – Anomia

This is one of the few so-called “party games” that I own – in fact I own both the regular and party editions, giving me a total of eight different decks that can be used. But I actually don’t pull it out very often after my in-laws almost came to blows during a game while on a ski vacation. That being said, divorce-potential aside, it’s a fun, frantic experience that somehow doesn’t set off my social anxiety the same way that other similarly-styled games can, so I’ll be keeping it around just in case a party game’s needed that isn’t Codenames or Roman Bingo (also known as Augustus).


10:48 Mike – The Castles of Mad King Ludwig

I really enjoy Castles; it satisfies the itch to build something cool and the price-setting phase is as close to an auction phase as I want to deal with since I tend to hate regular auctions. I always seem to end up with the Secret Lair and some other Dungeon in my castle, so I’m sure my friends have started to get concerned, but disturbing insights into your opponents’ decor aside, it’s a fabulous game and always fun to see what people end up putting together. I’d really like to get my hands on a Polish edition (and almost pulled the trigger on one in the recent G2S auction), but I can’t really justify it, even if the art is amazing.

15:35 Ruth – Roll Player

Such a good game. SUCH a good game. Every time I walk by the box, I want to grab it and play again which is a pretty strong reaction, but one that’s well-deserved. If you want a second opinion, check out Week 124 of The WDYPTW Podcast Thingy for Eric Booth’s review of the same game.


20:48 Stephanie – Celestia

This is the only game featured in the episode that I haven’t played. I remember seeing it when it came out and thinking that the game looked beautiful on the table, but never actually got to see how the gameplay measured up. I’m also strange when it comes to push-your-luck games: they either really work for me, or stress me out to the point that I avoid them from then on. Upon listening to Stephanie’s review, I’m still unsure if it’s for me but I definitely want to give it a go to see if I enjoy it.



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