Granite Game Summit: Summary & Superlatives

The Granite Game Summit was an amazing weekend – here I break it down by the numbers, award some gaming superlatives, and finally, at the bottom, I’ve provided links to all of my other Granite Game Summit posts.

  • Games Played: 17
  • Games Learned: 9
  • Games Taught: 5
  • People Played With: 22
  • Animal Friends: 4


  • New-to-Me Games: Back to Rth, Chroma Cubes, Hanamikoji, Navegador, Noch Mal, Roll’d West, Sagrada, Universal Rule, & 8’s prototype.
  • Familiar Games Played: Eclipse, La Granja: No Siesta, Macao, Russian Railroads, Terraforming Mars, Thebes, Ulm, & Wurfel Bohnanza


  • Games & Promos Obtained: Arcadia Quest: Healing Fountain promo, Cacao Chocolatl: New Huts promo, Gold West: Trading Post promo, Haru Ichiban, The Oracle of Delphi: Seafarer Expansion promo, Quadropolis: advent calendar mini-expansion promo, Terraforming Mars, Tikal, Zooleretto: Christmas Gift promo


  • Best New-to-Me Game: Navegador
  • Best Already-Known Game: Thebes or Macao
  • Most Epic Game: 6-player Eclipse with tons of expansion/promo material included and augmented with accessories & upgrades galore.
  • Prettiest Game: Sagrada
  • Fugliest Game: Terraforming Mars retains its title without question


  • Best Selfies: Patrick Hillier
  • Fanciest Gamer: Mike N
  • Greatest Space Friend: Molly
  • Amazing New Friends: Bill, Molly, Chip, Erin, Ryan, Amanda, Lou, John, Matt, John, Mike, and far too many more to mention


  • Best Tail: Kimberly Revia
  • Best Teeth: Matt (as evidenced in Kimberly’s photos below)
  • Sassiest Animal Friend: Daniel “Hoot Hoot” Newman
  • Most Dedicated Podcaster: Jessica Wade who recorded for multiple podcasts while at G2S
  • Most Sought After Celebrity Guest: Bill Corey, Jr. with appearances on Flip the Table and WDYPTW
  • Least Dedicated Podcaster: Me … by far


All of my Granite Game Summit Posts


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