Gaming Resolutions – April

I’m posting this from the airport as I make my way to the Granite Game Summit in Nashau, New Hampshire for a weekend of gaming with some people I don’t see nearly often enough. But fun travel doesn’t mean I get to avoid holding myself accountable, so once again it’s time to revisit this year’s gaming resolutions and see how I’m doing.

Publish at least 2 blog posts a week

UnPub 7 did a pretty good job of ensuring I got posts up on the blog last month, with the convention resulting in a total of seven blog posts by itself; however, how well did I do over the entire month? Actually really well, there was only one week since my last update that I only published the minimum two posts, with me exceeding my goal in all of the others. Now to see if I can keep it up.

Play games more than once

My 10 x 10 challenge had pretty much stalled out completely over the last month, partly due to some scheduling trouble with our SeaFall campaign. But that’s only 1 game out of 10, so that’s not actually a good excuse.

I did however, regain some progress by adding Roll Player to the challenge as my 9th game. I’ve played it 4 times since Feb 27th, and so that catapulted me to 20 plays completed out of the 100. I still need to chose the last game for the challenge, but at least I still have some time.


Play at least 3 unplayed games from my collection each month

Earlier in the month, my husband and I were headed to dinner at our local pub, and I grabbed my copy of Seven 7s to teach him, in the process getting my copy off of the unplayed list. On a different day in the same bar (we’re creatures of habit), I also taught him Kanagawa, yet another game I’d played someone else’s copy, purchased my own, and then not played again. I did not however get a third unplayed copy to the table, so this resolution was a bust for the month.


Update BGG collection & ensure all changes are made by the end of the month

I STILL haven’t updated my BGG collection in full. I did get all of my March additions added to BGG however, so at least I’m keeping up with the second part of this resolution.


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