Looking Forward to the Granite Game Summit

This weekend I’ll be making my first foray into the wilds of New Hampshire, looking for games and friends. Given that I’m actually headed for the Courtyard Marriott in Nashua to attend the Granite Game Summit, it probably won’t take too much searching to find them, but I guess that depends on how well Patrick and I are able to navigate from Logan Airport on Friday.

This will be another smaller convention focused on people getting together to hang out and play games; most of the events I’m attending in 2017 have this focus and it’s pretty nice to not worry about dealing with crammed vendor halls and convention centre parking. The event runs Friday through Sunday so I should be able to get plenty of games to the table, and I’ve committed to Friday afternoon Eclipse since I’ve found these kinds of cons are great for getting longer games played that don’t work so well at post-work game nights. Other games already discussed include Thebes, Keyflower, and potentially Bora Bora, so I’m pretty excited.


But rather than the games, I’m really most excited about getting to spend the weekend both meeting and catching up with new and established friends. The Granite Game Summit puts a lot of focus on their community with their blog featuring interviews with many of the people who’ll be in attendance, and reading them has been helping me get excited for the event. They even interviewed me for some bizarre reason; that interview can be found here.


I’m planning to play this convention by ear in terms of what and where I end up. However there are a few events/escapades that I will definitely be paying attention to. First of all there’s Fancy Friday which starts at 7pm – dressing up in finery to game sounds like a blast! There was also an off-hand mention of wearing PJs for Saturday night, and since I have the best PJs ever (AKA the lemur suit), I have a feeling I’ll be gaming in a onesie that night. Other events I may look into include trivia on Friday night, the raffles & play-to-win, and, of course, the live recording of Flip the Table, featuring special guest Bill Corey Jr.

There is one downside to the con, however, as I have to work 9am-9pm on the day after the con ends, and so, this will be the first con I’ve flown to. So far I’m doing a terrible job dealing with the space limits of not driving. I’ve already bid on a couple of games in the G2S auction and will potentially be getting another game hand-delivered that I won (kindof) in this month’s The Cardboard Jungle supporter sweepstakes. Add in the fact that I committed to bringing my copy of Thebes, and the amount of play-to-win & raffle items the organizers have been touting, and I’m thinking that my original plan of not checking any luggage just went up in smoke! I’m at least glad that I won a Quiver at UnPub – I’ve got a bunch of games loaded into it to take as a piece of carry-on instead of lugging even more boxes with me.

So without further ado here’s what I’m looking forward to this weekend, and what I’m taking with me (and potentially bringing back):

  • Old (and not-so-old) friends to catch up with: 8, 12, Dan, Daniel, Jason, Jessica, Jordan, Kimberly, Laura, Patrick
  • New friends to meet: Bill, Matt
  • Games to play: Eclipse , Expedition: Northwest Passage (possibly), Honshu (if possible), Keyflower, Signorie, Thebes
  • Games I’ve stuffed into my Quiver: Arboretum, Capital Lux, Fuji Flush, Herbaceous, Honshu, Jaipur, Rocky Road a la Mode, Seven 7s, Wok on Fire, Wurfel Bohnanza
  • Games I’m packing in my luggage: Thebes
  • Games I might be getting at the con if things work out: Haru Ichiban, Tikal (2016 French edition), London Dread, various promos

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