The Five By: The Games of Episode 5

Of the five games featured in this episode, I have only played three, all of which I actually own. The other two were complete mysteries to me, games I’d heard the names of but not much more than that. This had me nervous for the sake of my poor wallet as my co-contributors tend to talk about extremely interesting titles.

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00:41 Stephanie – Around the World in 80 Days

I haven’t played either Around the World in 80 Days or the earlier game it was based upon. But listening to Stephanie has me intrigued. The idea of a racing game that doesn’t necessarily promote going as fast as possible, but that rewards moving around the world in the smartest possible manner – even if that means moving backwards. Add in the touch of Victoriana and Steampunk without going over the line into costuming by means of covering everything in cogs, and I’m looking forward to finding an opportunity to try it out.

05:18 Lindsay – Doomtown: Reloaded

Another game I haven’t played, Lindsay certainly makes Doomtown: Reloaded sound interesting but I don’t know if it’s for me. Living card games are daunting as all get out, and make it tricky for me to find the incentive to jump in. But the setting sounds fascinating, as I hadn’t realized that it had fantastical elements incorporated into the Western theme. I can’t see myself getting into it, but having listened to Lindsay, I think I’d jump at the chance to try it at least once if offered the chance.

10:25 Mason – Stone Age

Mason continues to discuss the classics with his review of Stone Age, a game I haven’t pulled out to play in a long time. It’s a classic entry-level worker placement with the die-rolling adding a little bit of randomness to help even the playing field when a more experienced player introduces the game to newer gamers. My problem with Stone Age is I find it too simple for my tastes; sure it’s nice to play something everybody knows, but I usually just want something more satisfying, which for me, often means more complex. I still have the game in my collection as I tend to feel that I need to keep it available for those situations when helping newer gamers explore the hobby; but, to be honest, since the one person I’ve recently brought into the hobby was playing things like Terraforming Mars within a few sessions, I’m starting to think that’s unnecessary.

15:45 Mike – Nippon

I’ve only played this game of building up industry in Japan twice, but I’ve loved every second of those plays; so much so, in fact, that I picked up a copy from The Games Keep while at UnPub 7. I might replace the black cubes with a selection of coloured ones at some point – the owner of the first copy I ever played had done so and it definitely helped new players distinguish between with goods were goods and which were being used as markers. It’s a fantastic game – thinky and complicated enough for me to feel really satisfied when I do well, but approachable enough to get into that I can relax and enjoy the game from the get-go. I highly recommend the game if you tend to enjoy games on the medium to heavier end of the spectrum, and can keep in mind the fact that this game is in fact, an area control game.


21:03 Ruth – Wurfel Bohnanza

One of my favourite dice games, despite it’s being deeply flawed, this Rosenberg dice game will likely be a permanent resident of my shiny new UnPub Quiver once I set it up for travelling. Though the word “permanent” there is used with a caveat – if i ever get my hands on Wurfel Weather, that sucker will be out of the Quiver faster than you can figure out how to pronounce “beantaler”.



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