UnPub7: The Community

UnPub is an amazing event in terms of the feel. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and eager to introduce themselves at all times, not just when attempting to rustle up playtesters. People don’t mind you watching them play a game as you try to get a feel for it and will even explain what they’re doing to bystanders. As someone who struggles to feel like I belong in new situations, UnPub has always felt warm and fairly comfortable for such an anxiety-producing type of event.

There are always standouts who help make the weekend even better, but were I to list even just those who were extra amazing, it’d take too long. So I’m going to instead highlight the biggest example of how great the UnPub community is: the charity auction.

An UnPub board member had lost his son in 2016 and this year’s auction was held to raise funds for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation in his honour. Attendees of Friday’s Designer Day (which included those who had bought a VIPlaytester badge) were invited to purchase tickets to place in numbered bags for each available prize. After 7:30pm, lucky winners would be drawn from each bag, in some cases more than one.

There were tons of attractive prizes donated by publishers and individuals, including games, private playtest sessions with industry pros, handmade dice trays from Jason Dinger, UnPub 8 table(s), Quivers, and more. I myself walked away with both a Quiver of my very own, and a Brettspiel 2016 advent calendar!

But more important was the final tally – in just a few hours, the staff, designers, publishers, and select playtesters of UnPub raised $2361 in A.J.’s name to help fund research and resources to help those affected by Dravet Syndrome. Because when this group gets together, magic happens.

Images other than the panoramic shot courtesy of Jason Dinger, designer, playtester, cheerleader, and overall amazing guy.






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