UnPub 7: Summary & Statistics

UnPub 7 is over and I’ve written thousands of words about how amazing it was – but here’s a quick breakdown of my weekend in Baltimore, followed by links to ALL my UnPub 7 posts.

  • Prototypes played: 17
  • Released games played: 0
  • Games played from my list pre-UnPub: 8/14
  • People played with: 29
  • People I Spent Too Little Time With: everyone!


  • Prizes won: 4
  • Games given to me by Twitter friends: 2
  • Games purchased from The Games Keep: 4


  • Games played twice: Favelas, The Library is Burning
  • Games played 3 times: BEEEEES!, Kitsune’s Tails


  • Favourite Game: My Father’s Work, Favelas
  • Least Favourite Game: Ladder 29
  • Favourite Roll & Write: Fleet: Dicey Waters
  • Favourite Card Game: The Library is Burning
  • Favourite Euro: My Father’s Work
  • Games I Hate that I Missed: Pushing through Petra, Underground, Captains of the Gulf, Backlot, … and a ton more.


Ruth’s UnPub 7 Musings & Recaps


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