UnPub 7: the Games I Want to Play

There are a ton of interesting games that will be shown off and tweaked during the upcoming UnPub weekend, but as always, there are a few that have caught my attention as I prepare for the trip. Based on the UnPub program so far, these are the games currently on my radar, organized by table numbers to avoid any creeping bias.

Of note: there are TONS of games being shown at UnPub, and this list is the result of quickly scrolling through the available list of titles/designers. Reading the actual program blurbs will likely add more to the list, so please don’t feel left out if I didn’t spot your game on my first pass.

  • B4 – My Father’s Work by TC Petty III
    • A mad scientist theme that spans multiple generations of the same deranged families – just take my goddamn money already TC. I’ll take a copy of this plus Underground and throw in a Club Zen for good measure.
  • B4 – Underground by TC Petty III.
    • This was my favourite game of UnPub 6 & I was so ready to steal it last year just so that I could own the game. I can’t wait to see how it’s evolved after a year of potential development time. Last year’s prototype is even the header image for this post, so you know I’m excited!
  • B6 – Storm Chasers by Dan Halstad.
    • I’ve played this game in 2 different iterations now, and really enjoyed playing a recent version at PrezCon. I’m sure it will have changed again by this weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing in what ways.


  • C2 – Favelas by Chris Bryan
    • Just look at the sell sheet – it’s eye-catching as all get out and looks somewhat puzzley which appeals. I like the sound of tile-stacking as a twist on tile-laying.


  • C4 – The Last Garden by Matt Christianson & Chris Rowlands
    • Ive actually backed this game on Kickstarter and so am interested in checking it out to see if that was the right decision. The art’s gorgeous, the theme is intriguing and different, and the bits look great, so I expect this one to draw a crowd!
  • C8 – Fleet: Dicey Waters by Ben Pinchback & Matt Riddle.
    • I’m curious to see what Ridback came up with after jamming together Fleet with Roll & Write, and from what I’ve seen, it might actually be a working game! Plus it’s always fun to hang out with this pair, and I’ll be pissed if I don’t get some hugs.
  • F4 – The Library is Burning by James Meyers
    • It’s a game about saving scrolls from the Library of Alexandria as it succumbs to fire. It’s an interesting theme that is apparently also being worked on by some other UnPub designers, but I want to check out what James is doing with it.
  • F5 – Sailing Toward Osiris by W. David MacKenzie
    • Players compete to raise the most ostentatious monuments to the late Pharaoh in an effort to become the next Pharaoh but are working against a strict time limit enforced by the passage of the funeral barge. I like the theme and the designers name in combination with that fact, added this to my list.
  • G8 – Kitsune’s Tails by Daniel Solis
    • The adorable art along makes me want to try this one out, though at least I have a good chance of playing it locally if I can’t get in a test at the event.


  • G8 – Pencil Park by Daniel Solis
    • Daniel’s take on the popular Roll & Write, this game has some interesting decisions to make as only 1 of the 3 dice rolled will determine what area players fill in on their town map, the other 2 get added together to determine the type of city block occupying that area (parks, civic, residential, etc.). Perhaps the newly announced Spiel Press should consider picking this up to be produced as an atlas of town/city maps…?


  • H6 – Backlot by Josh Mills
    • Although, quite frankly, I’ll play anything he brings. Interestingly this isn’t the only movie-making themed game in the UnPub 7 calendar, but it’s the one I’m interested in.
  • H7 – Passing through Petra by J. Alex Kevern
    • So far, I’ve been a fan of J. Alex Kavern’s designs and so I was excited to see what else he’s working on. After seeing the video he posted on Twitter of the “tile-pushing”involved & hearing mention of “spatial action selection”, I’ve even more excited about to play this game.
  • J5 – Roll’d West by Daniel Newman.
    • Another Roll & Write, this time based on Gold West, a game I adore. I’m curious to see what, if anything, can be gained by stripping it’s elegant gameplay down even further.
  • J5 – Step Right Up by Daniel Newman.
    • I’ve watched Daniel working on this game via Twitter for a while, so I’m looking forward to actually sitting down at his table and seeing how it plays.



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