The Five By – The Games of Episode 3

Storytelling, elementals, monks, gods, and mutant goats – it’s an odd group of games this week but once again, they’re all more than worthy of your time. Check out the latest episode of The Five By through your favourite podcast source, and check out my thoughts on all 5 games below.

00: 40 Mike – Above and Below

I’ve only played this Ryan Laukat release once, and I was wary to try it as I’ve honestly not found his games to be particularly “for me”; they’ve always fallen a bit flat. But Above & Below was extremely charming which probably helped to make it the game of his that I’ve enjoyed the most. The storytelling works with his whimsical art style and creates interesting moments & choices during an otherwise simple game. It’s not a game I want to own, but it is a game I’d happily sit down to enjoy again.

05:48 Ruth – The Oracle of Delphi

Its a very different Feld with no point salad to speak off, dice-based combat, and a pretty annoying production issue. It’s been divisive among my Feld-loving friends, but I still really like this Ancient Greek race game.

10:36 Stephanie – Gruff

I hadn’t heard of this amazingly-themed battle card game before listening to Stephanie’s segment, and I spent the whole time I was listening to her flabbergasted by how amazing it all sounded. It’s not a game I’ll be purchased as I don’t tend to play two-player dueling games, plus I have Star Wars Destiny to scratch that itch, but it really does sound amazing! Purchase from Studio Woe

15: 34 Lindsay – Tyrants of The Underdark

Another game I’ve played just once, well technically twice as we played 2 games back to back to try out the different decks in the base game. I really enjoyed the use of deck-building to facilitate area-control, and now that I write that, I realize that I enjoy deck-building when used to manipulate a board, either in this game or in Clank! It’s a fantastic game that I keep meaning to pick up or at least bug Drew to bring to game night so I can play again.

20:18 Mason – Biblios

I love me some Biblios. The tension in deciding how to distribute cards is quite simply delicious and when you add in the second half auction, it’s an amazing experience packed into a short play time. The art’s gorgeous, the components are great, and listening to Mason is making me wonder why I don’t play my copy more often. Given that it’s been available for a steal recently, I highly recommend checking out this monastic beauty.


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