PrezCon Recap

PrezCon in Charlottesville, Virginia is firm becoming a highlight of my gaming year. It’s a super laid-back, easy to get to, easy to approach con that a ton of friends attend. That being said, I did overhear some uncomfortable conversations and questionable interactions between con attendees & the hotel staff, but was lucky enough not avoid any such moments myself.

It was 4 days of great games, hilarious friends, great sushi and Turkish food, an inevitable elevator breakdown (every year!), and great beer. Even with car trouble & a strained shoulder/neck, I had a blast and was even able to cram in a quick stop in RVA on my way home to grab dinner with my sister & her boyfriend (and snuggle her puppies).


Rather than write-up the whole con, which would take up more time than I currently have available, I decided to just quickly recap in the form of superlatives. So here goes:

Game I want the most having played at PrezCon: Meduris: Der Ruf der Gotter

Game I played less than expected: Dominant Species (only 1 play this year)

Game I can’t believe I hadn’t played before: Great Western Trail

Oldest game played: Alfred Hitchcock presents Why?

Newest (published) game played: Spires

Most anticipated game pre-con that totally held up to my excitement when played at the con: Storm Chasers

Most over-produced (and awesomely so) game: HOP!

Most nerve-wracking game: Mansions of Madness, Second Edition – What Lies Within scenario

Most aggravating game: Burke’s Gambit

Greatest find of the con: great deal on this beauty – Marvel Heroes unpunched for $15


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