The Five By – The Games of Episode 2

This week’s episode features a mix of older classics and newer, shinier games. Amusingly, while I’m a big fan or at least interested in the games shared by Lindsay and Stephanie, the games discussed by the guys are games that I’m not really a fan of though I can see their merits. It just goes to show the range of games and gamers in our hobby.

Of note, we’re now also available through Google Play in addition to iTunes, Stitcher, and the Fireside RSS feed, and you can find links to all of them at our website. I’ve also put together a geeklist of games featured on the show that I’ll be using to provide links to the appropriate episode(s).

00:32 Mason – San Juan

This is the first game covered on the show that I’m a bit “meh” on. I’ve played it a few times, and while I do enjoy the action selection, the overall package just isn’t really my cup of tea, perhaps because I didn’t play it until much later in my boardgaming “career”. I won’t turn down a game, but it’s just not one I feel the need to own, especially since it visually reads as being, well a bit dull. Amazon | CoolStuffInc

05:40 Mike – Viticulture (Essential Edition)

I’ve only played Viticulture once and that was the regular edition with a selection of Tuscany components edited by my good friend Eric Booth. I had originally been interested in getting the new edition when it was announced but unfortunately was turned off by the fact that it didn’t include the expanded Tuscany board which I consider to be, well, essential. Maybe if I’d never played the other way, I’d feel differently but the Essential Edition just no longer holds much appeal. Plus, having now played Vinhos, I have a wine-making game of choice and it’s a Lacerda;  so I won’t be adding this game to my collection, even if  it did come with the better board. Amazon | CoolStuffInc

09:57 Me – Thebes

I was pretty excited to share this classic now that it’s available again. It’s one of my favourite games to introduce to people, and the variety of “dirt” and “sand” songs that Kit and Chris have created during games of Thebes is a testament to it’s ability to inspire their creativity (and to their affinity for puns). Amazon

15:36 Stephanie – Agility

After hearing her review of Agility, and sneakily looking ahead at the recording schedule, it seems Stephanie has a talent for selecting games I really want to play & possibly buy. I love the theme of Agility and really like the sound of the action wheel combined with card play for resources. I already bought a game thanks to Lindsay’s episode 1 review, and at this rate I’ll also be buying a game based on episode 2 thanks to Stephanie – at this rate, the contents of my wallet may not last if we continue podcasting. Amazon

19:42 Lindsay – Myrmes

This game is a source of shame for me. I’d wanted to play it for ages, and despite having a local gamer Clay who adores the game, I’d never managed to. Last September I picked up a copy at the TBGT flea market and rekindled my anticipation for the game … which despite that, is still sitting unplayed on my shelves. Lindsay’s review has me determined to fix this grievous mistake, so if you’re local and want to play Myrmes, hit me up! Amazon | CoolStuffInc


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