Weekend at Mosley’s – Recap

This past weekend, Chris Mosley (aka @BitterCommish) decided for some reason to invite all of us over to house once again for a weekend of gaming. I was there Saturday and Sunday for tons of games, plenty of drink and food, and even a quick birthday celebration as we sprung cupcakes and a game store gift card on our host to celebrate him getting older in years, if not in demeanor.

Kit joined me on Saturday for most of the day until he headed off to meet some work friends, but before he left he did get in a few laps of Chris’s living room after commandeering Archie’s vehicle. Luckily Eric managed to grab video – I was too busy cracking up to even think of pulling out my phone.

Over the course of the day, I played 11 games of 10 different titles with First Class being the only game played more than once as immediately after playing the first game, we traded out the modules being used and started again with a slightly different setup. I continue to thoroughly enjoy this Helmut Ohley game, even though I continue to perform terribly at it. Perhaps one of these days I’ll eek out a win but it’s unlikely unless I stop playing with Chris Mitchell & Chris Kirkman.


Other highlights of Saturday including finally playing La Granja: No Siesta, breaking open the copy of Order of the Gilded Compass I bought after Lindsay covered it on our podcast, and getting to try Starving Artists since my copy still hasn’t shown up despite a number of people sharing pictures of this beauty on Twitter after their shipments arrived.

I finally left Mosley’s at 3am on Sunday morning, but managed to make it back before lunchtime for day 2. We started with some light, raucous games of Fuji Flush and Las Vegas, but some of us were in the mood for something significantly meatier. Therefore, Chris, Eric, & I decided to go all in on a four era game of The Colonists which ended up taking us 5-6 hours in total. The final scores were further spread out than I was expecting, and I kind of wish we’d scored a the end of each era in order to have an idea of where we were sitting as we went along, but I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Which is good, as I bought Eric’s copy off of him so I now own it. I did make some terrible moves in the last era having misjudged a few plans – next time I’ll probably try to play with more sleep and having actually eaten a meal prior to starting which might help me stay sharp!

After we packed up The Colonists, it was time to head out, especially since everyone had already left, including our host! We packed up our stuff, left Mosley a last love/thank-you note, “borrowed” (stole) some trash bags to protect our precious game bags, and headed out into the rain.



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