Shiny Happy Meeples GoFundMe Campaign

I’ve had the pleasure recently of getting to know Lindsay of Shiny Happy Meeples recently due to our both somehow being talked into overcoming our anxieties to appear on The Five By. She recently launched a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising funds to allow her to attend Gen Con, both as a member of the press and as a researcher as she launches her new business venture applying her background in Trend Prediction & Future Forecasting (TPFF) to the board game industry along with offering proof reading & editing services for rulebooks and Kickstarter campaigns.

I’ve already backed the campaign and wanted to share the link with all of you in the hopes of helping get Lindsay across the pond. She’s provided a ton of information there about her plans and goals for the trip, including contingency plans, and it’s well worth checking out, even if just to see what good preparation looks like.

Plus it’s her birthday, and what better present for a gamer than a trip to Gen Con!

Wanna learn more & support Lindsay?


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