The Five By – The Games of Episode 1

A few days ago, The Five By officially launched and the response has been overwhelming. We were expecting maybe a few dozen downloads of episode one, but thanks to people spreading the word, we far exceeded that.

Here are the games we discussed on the show with my briefest of thoughts about them:

00:31 Lindsay – Order of the Gilded Compass

I haven’t yet managed to play this re-imagining of Alea Iacta Est; though I was interested in it having played the original once a while ago. Lindsay’s review has renewed my interest, and I think Kit might like it, so it may be one I look into getting in the future. Amazon | CoolStuffInc


05:36 Mason – Troyes

I played Troyes as my last game of RUTHCon back in July and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the super late hour. The game is beautiful and I would really like to play again when a little more awake and alert. And I really want to try the expansion. It’s a game that’s definitely worth checking out if any part of Mason’s review sounded intriguing. CoolStuffInc


09:08 Mike – Automobiles

I’ve played this bag-building game a couple of times now, most recently during last weekend’s Whose Turn, and have thoroughly enjoyed both plays. In fact, as I write this, I can’t actually pinpoint why I haven’t purchased it myself. Perhaps because I have a friend who’s a HUGE fan and is always willing to play. But if you like racing and/or pulling stuff from bags, you should definitely play Automobiles at least once. Amazon | CoolStuffInc


13:26 Me – SeaFall

I’ve already talked a few times about this legacy game of exploration and discovery here on the blog. It’s a beautifully produced, immersive experience that’s well worth trying IF you can afford the time commitment involved. Amazon | CoolStuffInc


18:33 Stephanie – Kanagawa

All of the games we discussed in this episode look really good on the table, but Kanagawa is the fairest of them all. I got to try this panorama painting game at Whose Turn & thoroughly enjoyed it. I have a copy pre-ordered that’s just waiting on one other item in the order to show up, and now that I’ve played it, I’m desperate for it to show up. It’s super quick to learn but there’s enough strategy to keep players coming back, especially given how quickly it plays. Amazon | CoolStuffInc



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