Whose Turn 2017: Recap

So last weekend was this year’s Whose Turn event which was held in downtown Raleigh for a change. The new location was great for walkable food options, but terrible for parking – my poor car’s nose has been left dinged by the entrance to the hotel lot thanks to a nasty drop combined with my low clearance.

But who cares about the car when there’s gaming to talk about? I was able to attend 3 of the 4 days and got in a total of 24 plays of 18 different games, so I really can’t complain about missing the first day. 10 of the games I played were new to me, and 2 of the others are in my 10×10 challenge which was pretty satisfying. Less satisfying was the fact that I only played 3 out of the 9 games that I specifically wanted to play at the event; I did however, buy one of the 6 I didn’t play from the event’s primary sponsor/vendor so it will eventually get played.


Lists & Opinions

  • Games Learned: The Colonists, Cottage Garden, Don, Fuji Flush, Inis, Kanagawa, Star Trek Ascendancy, Utopia, Villages of Valeria
  • Games Taught: Cottage Garden, Cyclades, First Class, Inis, The Oracle of Delphi, Thebes
  • Other Games Played: Adrenaline, Animal Upon Animal: Here We Turn!, Automobiles, Clank!, Lotus
  • Games Sold:
  • Games Purchased: Ulm


  • Best Games of the Con: The Colonists, First Class, Utopia
  • Most Disappointing Games: Cyclades, Inis
  • Most Surprising Games: Don, Utopia
  • Games I Still Want Having Now Played Them: Cottage Garden, Kanagawa
  • Games I Newly Want Having Now Played Them: The Colonists, Utopia



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