January Collection

It’s a new year and not only am I now “allowed” to buy games, but I had Christmas money to spend. And then some orders I’d placed a while ago decided to release. With that perfect storm of circumstances, it’s no wonder a lot of new games & expansions made their way onto my shelves.

I must also admit that the January Whose Turn event had a Flea Market on the Saturday morning which offered an opportunity to make some room, but I totally failed to take my games to it and instead played Star Trek Ascendancy – woops.



  • Avenue – Miniature Market
  • First Class – Atomic Empire
  • Herbaceous with Flavor Pack – KS fulfillment
  • Masmorra & KS extras – CMON KS fulfillment
  • Mistfall – via Twitter
  • Star Wars Destiny – Awakenings: Kylo Ren starter set – Atomic Empire
  • Star Wars Destiny – Awakenings: Rey starter set – Atomic Empire
  • Ulm – Cape Fear Games

Expansions/Additional Game Material

  • 7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon – East Coast Gaming
  • Arkham Horror: the Card Game – Carnevale of Horrors scenario pack- Atomic Empire
  • Arkham Horror: the Card Game  – Curse of the Rougarou scenario pack – Atomic Empire
  • Lanterns: Emperor’s Gifts – Atomic Empire
  • Lucky Luke add-on character for Masmorra – CMON KS fulfillment
  • Mansions of Madness, Second Edition: Beyond the Threshold – Miniature Market
  • Santa’s Renegades (2016 Renegade Games Christmas promos) – Amazon
  • Star Wars Destiny – Awakenings: Booster Box – Atomic Empire


  • First Martians – Portal Games
  • Lisboa – thanks to Maggibot
  • Trickster: Champions of Time – Kickstarter

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