Five Answers to Five Questions about Five By Games

#1 – What is Five By Games?

  1. A new podcast
  2. Short & to the point
  3. 5 co-hosts with diverse gaming interests
  4. Each discussing a game that’s been getting them excited over the last week
  5. Find out more at our website

#2 – Who are We Talking About?

  1. Lindsay Miller of Shiny Happy Meeples
  2. Mason Weaver of the WDYPTW podcast & the famous Inclusive Gamer ribbons
  3. Mike Risley of the WDYPTW podcast
  4. Ruth Boyack (i.e., me)
  5. Stephanie Stone-Robb of Geeks Who Drink

#3 – When Does it Release?

  1. First show releases on February 1st
  2. After that, there will be new shows every 2 weeks
  3. New episodes go live on Wednesdays
  4. Follow the podcast on Twitter to see when episodes go live
  5. Or just subscribe on your favourite podcast app

#4 – Where Can I Listen?

  1. Fireside RSS feed
  2. iTunes
  3. Stitcher
  4. In the car, at home, or at work; we’re keeping things PG-13 so you don’t have to worry about who’s around you.
  5. Honestly, just listen wherever you want, I’m not the boss of you.

#5 – Why Should I Even Bother?

  1. With contributors from both across the US & across the pond, you’re getting a diverse range of viewpoints.
  2. It’s just a 30 min commitment to hear about 5 games that may or may not have been on your radar.
  3. By keeping our focus on the games and not on the fluff, we promise not to waste your time.
  4. We’re not limiting coverage to the new hotness, so you can learn about something shiny and new in the very same episode that reminds you of a classic on your shelf that’s still worth playing.
  5. We have a Beth Sobel-designed logo for crying out loud; surely that’s enough… 😉



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew Marco says:

    Oh man, this is an awesome concept, will definitely be looking forward to this. Truly love reading your blog, you have some truly amazing posts here. Are you going to be talking about indie games at all on this podcast?


    1. ruthconnc says:

      Thanks. Our only criteria for games to cover is that they’re games we’re excited about. So anything we play is fair game and we have a broad range of owned games and tastes.


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