Stardew Valley – Summer Progress

Week 1: I made some progress on the Community Centre bundles by turning in a fried egg, maki roll, fiddlehead fern, and bullhead. Now, all I need for the Chef bundle is a truffle, which should be pretty easy to do once I get a pig. I also crafted a loom ready for when I get a sheep and start getting wool. Through crafting artisan goods and foraging I starting saving the cash for the barn upgrade to actually get those animals – I’d blown all my cash on getting the bus up and running so was starting almost from scratch after buying initial Summer seeds. At this point, I was already over halfway to getting my barn so was looking forward to getting Robin working on the improvements … and to having the auto-feeder that will come with it. I did however drop my pickaxe off at the Blacksmith’s shop to get it upgraded which took a big chunk out of those savings; but I figured being able to mine more efficiently would let me recoup the costs pretty quickly.

In terms of building relationships with the residents of Pelican Town, I got Sebastian to 2 hearts thanks to the gift of a void egg. I also gave Jas a birthday present since I’m trying to pay attention to the calendar more – I purchased one from Robin to place in my house so I’m checking it every morning to keep up with important dates.


Week 2: I started off the second week of Summer by picking up that shiny new Gold Pickaxe before heading to the saloon to drop off a birthday present for Gus. The first of my Summer crops were ready to be harvested, so I started brewing Pale Ale with my homegrown hops to help increase the Regulator Farm’s income. This new product also went over very well with Pam, completing a quest and earning some friendship points. I had her drive me to the Calico Desert in order to test out my new pickaxe in Skull Cavern. I only got through 7 levels before it got late and I had to leave, but I did pick up a lot of gems which made for a very profitable day. I also gifted Sebastian some more void eggs, getting to 3 hearts with him.

Between my mining proceeds and selling farm produce, I had enough enough cash for the Deluxe barn upgrade … I just didn’t have the wood. So in between completed the Dye bundle at the Community Centre and participating in the Summer Luau, I concentrated on logging. During this time, I was also able to harvest 5 gold star melons, getting me closer to completing the Pantry bundles and earning my greenhouse. Finally, on the very last day of the week, I was able to deliver the cash and materials to Robin that would convince her to upgrade my barn.

Summer Goals Progress

  • Farm
    • Start growing & brewing Coffee I have multiple plants but haven’t yet brewed
    • Upgrade to Deluxe Barn
    • Get a Sheep and a Pig
    • Craft and install a Loom
    • Craft and install an Oil Maker
  • Relationships
    • Get Sebastian to 3 hearts
    • Get Abigail to 6 hearts
  • Community Centre
    • Grow 5 each gold star Melons and Corn
    • Catch 3 Community Centre fish I’m at 1 of 3 – caught a bullhead in week 1
    • Forage Fiddlehead Fern
  • Adventuring
    • Upgrade Pickaxe
    • Explore at least 10 levels of Skull Cavern

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