Stardew Valley – Year 2 Summer Goals

Following the release of both patch 1.1 and Kari Fry’s Stardew Valley Guidebook, I started a new save file in order to try out a different type of farm. My riverland farm is entering the Summer of its second year, and rather than haphazardly working day to day, I decided to start setting concrete goals for each season to see how playing with a plan works for me.

Goals for the Summer

  • Farm
    • Start growing & brewing Coffee
    • Upgrade to Deluxe Barn
    • Get a Sheep and a Pig
    • Craft and install a Loom
    • Craft and install an Oil Maker
  • Relationships
    • Get Sebastian to 3 hearts
    • Get Abigail to 6 hearts
  • Community Centre
    • Grow 5 each gold star Melons and Corn
    • Catch 3 Community Centre fish
    • Forage Fiddlehead Fern
  • Adventuring
    • Upgrade Pickaxe
    • Explore at least 10 levels of Skull Cavern

As always, the first day of the season involved clearing out old dead plants and starting my new crops. I initially focused on planting mainly melons and corn, both of which I planted around sprinklers in fertilized soil hoping to get some gold star harvest to complete the Quality Crops bundle for the Community Centre. I also planted my single coffee bean next to my kegs and planted some hops for brewing pale ale. Assorted other crops went in to fill the rest of the tilled soil; I intend to redesign my farm once I get the greenhouse restored, but until then I’m making do with my current layout.

After tending animals, buying seeds and sowing my crops, the day was practically over but hopefully I have a good foundation in place for the Summer month.


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