Collection Update: December 2016

Going into the month of December, I had no idea how my collection was about to change – I was still trying not to buy any games, but Christmas meant there was always the possibility of new additions to the game shelves. In the end, I dd use Amazon points to buy Codenames: Pictures to have it at family events, but I did not spend any money on games for myself.



  • Archon: Glory & Machination – gift from Adam
  • Arkham Horror: the Card Game – gift from Burke
  • Codenames Pictures – Amazon
  • Legends of Andor – gift from Adam
  • The Oracle of Delphi – Miniature Market preorder
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous base set – gift from family
  • Star Trek Panic – gift from family


  • Mansions of Madness inserts – Go7 Gaming
  • Painting supplies – Atomic Empire



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