The 12 Lists of Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas, or Twelvetide, run from December 25th through January 5th. As a kid growing up in a secular-Christmas celebrating, religious-adjacent household (we weren’t Christian, but both sets of grandparents were), the 2 main things I knew about the twelve days were that a) it was a super annoying song that made everyone yell when they got the the “FIIIIIIIIIVE GOLDEN RIIIINGS” and b) if your Christmas decorations weren’t taken down on the 12th day, then you  would be struck with bad luck for the coming year.

I’ve decided to turn Twelvetide into The 12 Lists of Christmas here on Sequential Gamer. Every day of Twelvetide, I’ll be posting a different gaming-related Top 5 list. The master-list of lists is here, & I’ll add links as I post my daily choice of games for each category:


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