SeaFall – Reaching Milestones

Last night we played through Game 2 of SeaFall. Obviously I’m keeping these spoiler free but here’s a few notes and pictures from the session.

This time I spent the game in the middle of the pack due to some unlucky rolls and a few delays getting going. But I still finished decently on the glory track and so managed to hold on to my rank. Due to new mechanics revealed at the end of the game, this might not be the best thing for now, but at least it’s helping towards end-game (end-campaign?).

Yes, that’s right – new mechanics were revealed! Burke reached a milestone that allowed us to open one of the mysterious chests from the box. We were directed to save opening it for a specific point, but we all gave the chest a good shake and were intrigued by the heftiness of it. When it was opened, it of course directed us to read another entry which explained what to do with the ton of stuff found inside. The chest had more of various components already found in the game along with multiple new things and the mechanics to go along with them.

Unfortunately we still haven’t managed to finish a game with enough time left in the night for a second; we’re always close, but not quite there. I guess it just draws out the story but after every game, I’m just itching to play more. And with getting so much new stuff to explore, it was even harder this time to pack up and leave our Provinces until next time. I continue to thoroughly enjoy the game and the story that comes with it. The combination of a Merchants & Marauders-like feel combined with the CYOA Captains Booke (sic) and the legacy format make this experience a winner for me.



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