November Challenge Wrap-Up

It’s officially December, and so my attempts to improve my game & comics organization is technically over. However, I’ll be continuing to work on the projects I started last month for the next couple of weeks. Since my last update, I’ve gotten a few more things taken care of, most involving inserts.


During a very boring Black Friday at work, I bought another paint rack from The Broken Token along with, more excitingly, a mini-American card case to start improving my Arcadia Quest storage. My plan is to grab some more foam-core and start working on a box insert once the Inferno Kickstarter is delivered, but this should get the numerous item decks out of individual bags, and thus make it easier to find the ones you need. I got them just a couple of days ago and put the card case together; it’s a little tall for the box, but I’ll make it work regardless.

I also assembled the monster figures from Mansions of Madness (Second edition) and the Suppressed Memories expansion. I had figured out the exact storage solution I wanted for them, but was waiting a few days for Go7 Gaming to launch their holiday sale. By doing so, I was able to save 15% on the set of three inserts. They also just arrived and the quality is incredible. Kit helped me glue everything together last night, and then this morning, I loaded everything into it. There’s plenty of space for when I get around to purchasing the rest of the available MoM content, and when the inevitable expansions come out, I’m sure Go7 will have me covered.

I’ve also started pulling games to sell and will be putting up a list soon once I research some prices and do a second sweep of my shelves. I will likely not post the sale list until after the holidays for ease of getting things shipped out efficiently (and hey, people may have Christmas money by then).

I never did get around to working on my comics storage, so that will be a task for December it seems.


My Arcadia Quest heroes are washed and mounted to cardboard ready for primer. It’s been really cold in the evenings after work, so I’m waiting for a milder day-off to spray them and then we’ll be getting some colour on these guys. I had moved all of my painting stuff out of the way for Thanksgiving, so we’ll need to move it back into the kitchen soon. Kit has actually contracted with a coworker to assemble & paint a set of Warhammer Age of Sigmar figures so once I get it all set back up again, we’ll be painting together in the evenings to the dulcet tones of the McElroy brothers.

Overall I got a lot of things organized over the month, but not as many upgrades as I’d hoped. We’ll see what I can get done in December as I continue working to accentuate what I already have instead of buying new games.


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