SeaFall – Onward to Glory

We gathered once more on Friday to sail for the Western Islands in our second SeaFall session. This was the first “proper” game with a glory target and the chance to earn permanent upgrades to our provinces, and our captains were ready to set sail. And while I didn’t have the highest rank starting out, I did make sure I had the fanciest chair!

The target for this first game was set at 11 glory, and there were 4 milestones laid out that could possibly be reached by the time someone got to the target. There was also a fifth “milestone” card that directed us to read a passage from the Captain’s Booke (sic) prior to the first turn but after set-up. This excerpt of story set the stage for this next period of gameplay, and gave each of us the chance to make an initial choice in respect to how we intended to approach the game. So far, the game has done a really nice job of drawing in the overarching narrative, and this initial choice, while not shoehorning each player into a set path, gave us the chance to differentiate our province from the rest.

That being said, everyone did take different paths during the game, some of which were augmented by that initial choice. In the end, my Drasnians won by grabbing a second milestone to bring them to a decisive 14 glory. The glory boost from milestones seems pretty critical to acheiving victory, and since I got both of the ones achieved in this session, I imagine competition to hit those goals will be fierce in the future. That and nobody has yet started to overtly attack anyone else in our game; I’m pretty sure my win has painted a huge target on me, and that the tentative peace won’t last much longer!


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